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On Sight Spa Parties for Special Events 


Have a Birthday, Bachelorette party, or special event you want to plan for?


We’ve got you covered! We bring the spa to YOU!

Have another venue that’s not your home? We’ve got you!

All you need to host a spa party is a large quiet room with access to plugs for the setup of our spa equipment.

All of our Services are tailored to fit your needs, which puts you in the driver's seat to be able to choose what you’d like to experience for your special spa day! Here are some great suggestions for package ideas below.


Don’t see what you're looking for, feel free to reach out and tell us what you’d like!

We are here to help make your day relaxing and memorable. Everything we do is customizable!


*Please note there is also a $50 travel fee associated with all local onsite events to cover equipment setup

& breakdown. And a $100 travel fee for anything outside of the South Central Pa area.


Our full spa package includes:


45 min facial

30 min seated chair massage


The price per person is $150, there is a minimum of 3 people required to book a spa party.



Seated chair massage-only party:


This includes a 30 min seated chair massage for $40 per person.

There is a minimum of 4 people required to book a party and a max of 8



Facial-only party:


45- 50 min facial ( depending on the size of the party)

This package is priced at $80 a facial with a minimum of 4 people per party & a max of 6.


Needling party:


This includes an 80 min service for each person. The cost per treatment is reduced to $200 ($50 off per person)

There is a minimum of 3 people per party and a max of 5.

Bonus: The hostess receives 40% off their Needling Service!

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