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Plasma Pen

The Louise Walsh Plamsa Pen is for purchase on my distributors website. Please follow the below link, or contact him at: (215) 570-4327 -Dave


The cost of training is included in the price when purchasing a plasma pen.


Product Knowledge

The dermal pen is for purchase on my distributors website. Please follow the link below, or contact him at: (215) 570-432


The cost of training is included in the cost of the pen. 



Plasma Pen Training:

If you already have a Plasma Pen devise that you purchased from another distributor, I am still able to help! I provide one on one training for other plasma pens (like the plamere plasma pen pro) as well as the louise walsh pen. I charge a flat rate of $1,300 for stand alone training. This includes two training sessions; one informative powerpoint session, and one hands on training session that can either be done at my home office or via zoom if you live out of state. After you complete the required hands on protocals you will receive a certificate of completion to hang in your office. Upon certification of any training I offer ( and as part of my commitment to your success) I back everyone I train, and because of that I like to keep in touch with my students as a way to provide ongoing support as needed.

Your success is my sucess!!! 

Dermal Pen Training:

If you have already purchased a pen from another distributor and you were not trained or feel uneasy using your unit, I am still able to provide training for other Microneedling pens. I charge a flat rate of $500 for 1-1 microneedling training in person or Via Zoom

*** Why choose 1-1 training? All of my training is highly personalized and  tailored to fit into your specific needs and goals. For starters because this is a 1-1 session I am able to plan our time together around your work schedule so that we can slow down and focus specifically on anything you may feel unsure of or insecure about during the training.

As part of my commitment to your success I also help to create tailored treamtents using the skin care lines you are currently working with.

To me this is a vital step in order for you to feel comfortable in the sucess of your treatment, as well as the marketing your services. To me education is the backbone of a thriving aestheic practice. Knowing the science of how and why machines, products and serices work cohesively together will allow you to feel more comfortable in the treatment room, and will produce better results. Your abilty to sell will become effortless because instead of relying simply on marketing or sales strategies, your sales will come from a place backed by science and education.

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